7 Figure Cycle

E-Commerce & E-Marketing Is The Best Key To Success In 2018?

E-Commerce & E-Marketing – Why Should They Work? The work of e-commerce, e-marketing, and home-based work on the Internet was the dream of every person and hope that every young man aspires to. Because the Internet is a fertile land that brings fresh fruits, this dream has become a reality, not a fantasy, an indispensable reality. After traveling to the United States I worked in a US company as an e-commerce manager. Through this work, I made sales and purchases using most of the e-commerce and marketing methods. After six years of working in this field, I returned to my country, determined not to leave young people and companies Learn how to work on the Internet for bounty.

E-Commerce & E-Marketing

I have already set up an e-commerce book called 7 Figure Cycle that includes 12 books, including all kinds of e-commerce and e-marketing. And now, thanks to God and after the issuance of this encyclopedia, I received many calls and e-mail messages who bought this encyclopedia stating that they are now working online from their homes and make money to enrich them from long-term waiting in the queue of government jobs, which prompted me to strive to develop and revise this edition and add what is new In the science of Internet marketing (e-marketing) for the benefit of individuals, offices and companies to appear in this picture (e-book 24 books) ..

7 Figure Cycle
7 Figure Cycle

Ecommerce Conferences 2018

After conducting seminars and conferences in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya and the UAE, they explained how to buy and sell online, how to receive the cost of goods online, how to market e-products and work from home through the Internet. How to buy and sell through various Internet market sites, auction sites and websites, how to import and export via the Internet, how to obtain products through important websites, explain marketing and trade through the most important search engines and directories and explain the ways of Different payment methods Crave eBook via the Internet, and other important ways for marketing across the network to make abundant profits clog the needs of our daily lives under these difficult circumstances.

From 2006 until now, he graduated from the Center for Research and Commercial Studies, Cairo University, the Center of the Information Network, Assiut University, the Center for Electronic Commerce and Technology, Alexandria, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Cairo, the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and the Quran Memorization Society in Jeddah, and other centers in Jeddah and Riyadh. Of young graduates, employees, owners and managers of companies and factories, which gave them new job opportunities and created many export opportunities, not to mention how much of the profitability programs they work through the Internet.

This science has gained strength and spread after the approval of its certificates from the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, the Bitcoin Code Ltd Information Network Center, Assiut University, Ain Shams University, the Egyptian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Technical Center in Saudi Arabia, the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce, the BPO Center in the UAE, the Emma Tim Center in Libya and the Sudan, British e-commerce leadership ..

And thanks to God from the spread of this huge science has been the establishment of the Arab e-Commerce Club Arab E-Commerce Club to be a refuge for anyone who wants to ask about something in this science and the holding of free periodic sessions and conferences for members of the club from various Arab countries …

And the rapid spread of this science in the Arab world made me graduate instructors for this science and thank God graduated a number of lecturers competent in this science ..

eCommerce Training

We are now training another group so that we can move easily within the pillars of the all countries.

A call to all young graduates and employees!
For all managers of companies and factories !!
For all owners of companies, factories, government bodies and the public !!
Each owner of an organization or charity wants to learn marketing methods for grants and donations !!
Anyone who has a project idea and wants to achieve it !!
Every young man ambition does not depend on a fixed salary !!
Everyone has a message and a goal in life and wants to publish his message online !!
For all who sanctify science and its virtue !!
Every lady wants to work from home to sit next to her children and she works !!

I would like to call you in the name of the science I learned and which I have seen in the past 6 years in America. Thanks to this science, I have learned and received a higher degree. And worked and got the money that I get it only thanks to this science, I call every father and mother to leave only their children and learn this science, I called every company owner to apply this science and learn well to raise his exports or marketing for his services inside and outside his country, That he does not stay long at home and mourns his luck and waits But now begins to learn for this science, which opens more than 10 important jobs required by the labor market and even impose these jobs on the labor market ..

I know my brother the graduate or employee that salary kills ambition and does not make you a message in life … I think God knows that the 7 Figure Cycle programs of electronic commerce and marketing and electronic marketing and import and work from home by the Internet is the only recourse for young people and companies out of the shell of non-existence among the world .. Oh God Hit it